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Sunday, November 16, 2014

He Who Lives By The Sword... Yadda-Yadda-Yadda

Interesting turn of events in Solnechnogorsky district, Russian Federation.
The entire story is at:

Two men who reportedly fought with the Russian-backed separatists in southeastern Ukraine have been charged with murder of two traffic policemen in Moscow Region, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.

Denis Konstantinov, 26, a native of Gorlovka in Ukraine, and Denis Zhukov, 28 a native of Lisichansk in Ukraine have been charged with the shooting deaths of two traffic policemen in Solnechnogorsky District of Moscow Region.

The two policemen on patrol were found dead the night of November 2 on the highway in Perepechino, a suburb of Moscow. Their colleagues noticed they had stopped responding to radio calls and went to look for them.
The cops were in the middle of writing up a ticket on the operators of the vehicle for driving while intoxicated when they were shot; one  policeman was found dead still clutching the ticket. The other was found to have a bullet missing from his gun, and may have tried to shoot back.

A third suspect, Mikhail Konstantinov of Krasnogorsky District in Moscow Region, 35, is wanted by police. According to investigators, Denis Konstantinov and Zhukov came to visit Mikhail Konstantinov. They are still trying to determine why they went to the nearby Solnechnogorsky District and whether they were involved in the murder of the traffic policemen.
According to one witness, the men may have been drinking and decided to visit prostitutes, as they had indicated such plans the previous day.

A fourth man in the car with them, a native of Ukraine, was wounded in the shoot-out with police and has been hospitalized. Police have ruled out a connection between this case and another incident in which two bodies were found in a burn-out car in Solnechnogorsky District.

Photos on the popular Russian social media site VKontakte show Denis Konstantinov posing by an armored vehicle in camouflage.


The same news story appeared on Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), but seems to have been deleted...
 ... They call that blowback: Russian 'volunteers' on leave from Ukraine suspected in cop killing outside Moscow...


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