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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Society By Committee

 The Aged Crone Sophie as Depicted by Miyazaki

Western culture doesn’t tend to find the crone all that interesting, barely ever one tall enough to stretch out of a trope.

Society is continuous action and interaction and negotiations and palaver between the many people which make it up. This process raises the valleys, lower the hills, smooths the rough edges, and calibrates as much as is needed for the people involved to be able to form a community.

That is why Western Media culture is lacking in meaning and depth: it is overly homogenized, not only being put into a blender for all the various groups that make up society, but also for the overwhelming demands of the corporate Media to have "stuff" to pander 24 and 7.

That is why Ms. Borders needs to resurrect the symbol of the Crone.


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