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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Misperceptions Of Celebrity

I always thought that celebrities merely had to snap their fingers from the back of the limo, and heaps of willing guys and dolls would respond to be their playmates. I did, really. I thought that celebrity had an aura about it that made hooking up the simplest of the day's tedious chores.

Apparently not.
Bill Cosby was a celebrity going back to the 60s, and he was popular for a long time, yet he required drugs to ensnare someone into having sex with him. The running total today - on the totalizator bar running in Time Square - has 12 drugged, 1 attempted drugging, and 3 otherwise misled or overpowered.
And these cases are old, back in the times when he was actually good looking, not at all like the fuzzy, mottled, keratin-blistered antiquity of today.

Everything about this situation is disgusting, including my interest.


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