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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

News (??) Media And A Turing Test

Barack Obama Knows Exactly What He's Doing...

Barack Obama Knows Exactly What He's Doing.... [end]

I could not find the exact - or near exact - results of the New Hampshire primary for about 15 minutes this morning.

I could easily find that Trump won and this was another kick in the pants of the Republican establishment. I could easily come across articles that ripped Senator Rubio to shreds for his robotic debate last Saturday. (Actually, if the Republican debate Saturday evening past had been a Turing test, the test subject would have classified Senator Rubio as a non-human.)

I could find reams of theory about Senator Sanders and the Democratic establishment. I could read scads of print about Hilary's crunch time. I could read about how Gloria Steinem just does not "get" modern young women.

But I could not get numerical data. I did not want to know that Trump won all alone by itself; I wanted the numbers. The best I could do was "landslide", which apparently is adequate in the surreal standard weights and measures of politics, just as "as big as a grapefruit" is used in the early stages of pregnancy... no centimeters, no grams, just a homey image and that's all ya needs ta know.

New media has been high-jacked by educated-types who think they have enough experience to make deep comments. No wonder the education system is in crisis! What good is education if all one can do is preach and tutor the dummies out there in the media audience?
What contempt for the public! Maybe this is part of the "voter protest" reflected in the primaries thus far?

Using just Republican-RI-or-AI  (real intelligence or artificial intelligence... sometimes it's hard to tell the diff), Billy Kristol spent a enormous amount of time last week extolling Senator Rubio, all with well reasoned and deep insightful writing... much like that with which he supported and yet defends the Iraq War.
Yet events put pressure on Quarterback Kristol, and he was sacked ignominiously yet again.


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