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Monday, February 08, 2016

The Man With The Golden Keyboard: 1 The Hecatomb

The Sacrifice of Polyxena by the Achaeans to Ensure Fair Winds to Sail back to Hellas

A great many people - scads of them, actually - tell me at those inopportune and scarce times when they happen (1) to bump into me, and (2) engage me in conversation, and (3) talk about my ideas,  have told me that they never know when I am serious.
I understand that. I do not understand why they think seriousness is so important, but I do understand why they never know whether I am serious or flippant, because the whole thing about having a functionality - like an ability to play the piano or write a bunch of sentences - is to be able to be serious about being playful.
Like, you know, to be able to mozart the sounds and the furies into a jelly-roll-morton presentation belted out in a bessie-smith gravel voice, and to paint it with turner and constable tones, def gainsborough!


I believe that my generation, the Boomers, are the inspiration for the modern day Zombie cinema-consciousness.

After years and years of whining about Social Security and safety nets and an equal number of years of doing the absolute minimum to amend such problems as do exist, our country will knowingly or unknowingly institute policies designed to kill off the Boomers.

The malaise that is afflicting the stock markets and economy, the phenomenon of dismally low interest rates has destroyed any chance of a good life for savers and those on fixed incomes. This situation will not change any time soon.
In fact, it will probably not change for 20 years or more.

Nature is making plans: wealth is being concentrated within a small percentage of the population, those who have the best chance of survival. The rest of society will be winnowed brutally,a dn the chaff will be blown by the winds of history.
There are numerous interludes in history that are similar: enormous suffering and vast dislocations, but after a time, things get back to a status of not-too-bad and the tears of those who wept exist only in those photos taken by progressive, socially-conscious photographers.
The Boomers faces will be all Appalachian mothers and coal miners glances and Dust Bowl kids running for shelter.............

There are so many of us Boomers... a horde preying on the welfare of the younger wage earners.
And the metaphor is apt, for the Days of Growth and Roses are gone.
The blood-suckers will be put out on an ice-floe, or they will be sequestered and budgeted into their heavenly rewards.
And when the time is right and the population has righted itself, there will be growth again up from the depths, and we shall forget the bad times past, just like the Leave It To Beaver years forgot the Depression.

When I saw the film Fahrenheit 451, I intuited immediately that I and a lot of my generation would end their days in exile, reciting old knowledge, memorizing books, far from the urban ovens of the coming Hecatomb - that extensive loss of life sacrificed.

And we shall see again that the only way this society communes with the Powers is through the willful sacrifice of conscious beings, whether bulls and oxen or human beings. Consciousness is like the strings of a lyre and it is music to the ears of bloody gods.


the process may be viewed at
The Guardian
Financial despair, addiction and the rise of suicide in white America
Kevin Lowney lies awake some nights wondering if he should kill himself.

“I am in such pain every night, suicide has on a regular basis crossed my mind just simply to ease the pain. If I did not have responsibilities, especially for my youngest daughter who has problems,” he said.

The 56-year-old former salesman’s struggle with chronic pain is bound up with an array of other issues – medical debts, impoverishment and the prospect of a bleak retirement – contributing to growing numbers of suicides in the US and helping drive a sharp and unusual increase in the mortality rate for middle-aged white Americans in recent years alongside premature deaths from alcohol and drugs...

 An important point is that this article deals with White Americans.
This merely means that we have already worked out how we are going to deal with non-White Americans. Now we want to look at how to kill the white ones.

Another important point is that this article about Boomers and some younger than Boomers.
I don't think those in power care about whom they kill with "friendly fire"... God will sort them out.


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