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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Parasitical Pharmaceuticals 2

Martin Shkreli, CPP - Chief Predatory Parasite

I omitted part of the Logic Of The Parasite in my first post on parasite pharmaceuticals:

We already mentioned that a type-2 drug company is a parasite interested only in maintaining control of a drug and a group of hosts to sell the drug to, then the drugs of interest and under the control of the type-2 drug company will not cure a disease - at least, not quickly.

If the drugs wrought miraculous cures, the group of hosts would disappear and the type-2 drug company along with them.

Further, since the type-2 parasite drug company buys from a type-1 drug company (which type-1 company is a classical research, test, and market drug company)a drug  Rx1  intended for certain range of manifestations or aspects of a certain disease   Dx1,
it follows that since the type-2 drug company is not a research nor testing company, the probability that further drug research will occur in the near future for treating problems of the disease  Dx1  is very, very low; the original type-1 drug company is probably not going to do more research in that disease for a while, since it was getting rid of the drugs it developed already for that disease.

Hence, the group of hosts - the sufferers, if you will - are being condemned by our Economic System to (1) being subjects of predatory drug companies, and (2) being beyond the hope of near-term research into their disease.

This is not Economics.

This is Particular Genocide of the suffering.

As such, it should be outlawed.

perhaps mr. shkreli called the lawmakers "imbeciles" since they could not discern this obvious fact.

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