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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Senate Gollums

Chief Senate Gollum McConnell

Yahoo News
Trump clobbers Rubio and Cruz in Nevada, cementing his frontrunner status
Andrew Romano February 24, 2016

The running dogs of the Senste Republicans are not doing well.

So you can wait for President Clinton to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, and by that time there may be a reversal in the Senate, or maybe there will be a general revulsion against your insistence upon the free lunch of assuming Power and then being too feeble to exercise that Power.


By the way, Bernie Sanders is correct in observing that this example of the Senate mimicry of Louis XV - the King of France who lost his head due to the Aristocracy's habit of holding Power but not able to exercise it meaningfully - is actually yet another attempt to delegitimatize President Obama.

And the roots of this is Racism.

With overt Racism  (capital R) on all sides of the Republican Party, it should be an interesting election.

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