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Sunday, July 01, 2012

The 2013 Crash

OK, so I'm sounding like NewsMax, the illiterate right-wing rag. I can not help it. We are all mad men thrown together in the world, are we not? We tell our tales, full of sound and fury...

Back on topic now.
The UK suffers from the same kinds of Financial problems we do: an overly complex system which relies upon people who are not skilled enough to administer it, people who are too slow to respond to its fast-as-light workings, and people who are greedy, covetous, and often crooked.

For today's variation on a theme, read the BBC story .

The doomsday scenario for 2013 is:

1) Republicans win White House and a majority in at least one branch of Congress;

2) There is a determined effort to balance the Budget on the backs of the Less-than-Rich;

3) There are problems with China of an as yet undetermined nature: China and the Chinese Communist Party has many problems, and, given that the country is enormous, these problems are enormous;

4) The Banking Sector manages to Flash-Crash, Glitch, Stumble, and Cheat its way into another Bank Failure scenario...

Hello, Saint Leibowitz and the Dark Ages once again.

You really should familiarize yourselves with the problems of the electronic banking system. Since your own efforts are your best teachers, start studying it.

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