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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dream Factory: Great and Powerful Tea

The Intelligent Designer was Tea: black, white, green, aged and still on the bush; the I.D. Guy was Tea.

I had always thought it would be some sort of supernatural being who could be imagined as a Gepetto-like figure, tinkering around with reality.

However, it was Tea, the Great and Powerful.
As I was standing in the wings of Paradise, watching some sort of divine growth spurt,  I saw Earl Grey make a grab for power... must have been thinking of Milton's Paradise Lost.  In fact, I had been reading bits of it over the past couple days. Connect that with the ever-present Alexander Pope (in my head) wherein we meditate on queens, whom numerous realms obey... and sometimes counsel take... and sometimes taaayyy.

Freud could not have unwrapped this enigma with a slicker lissomeness.

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