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Monday, July 09, 2012

Ade Ileke 47: The Heat

In the Heat, you wake up to a paparazzi sun;
there's a crowd of them solar trainspotters
and keepers of celebrity,
suns who arrest my image
in the few closed rooms
where I fall asleep, remembering
a crush of paparazzi memories
in the road tunnel
of my head
as we approach the Paris Ritz.


Ruth said...

That's an interesting juxtaposition!

Thank the lord for the break in the heat.

I visited Paris with my sister a couple of months before she died. We wanted to walk into the Ritz, but the doorman must have thought we did not seem posh enough to let us in. So we ogled diamonds in their windows and walked away.


Arsen Darnay said...

Wonderful capture of something very complex. An inner response here says Yes, Yes, Yes!!

Montag said...

...and it is the first time I ever wrote anything about Princess Diana, which may or may not be interesting.

Montag said...


I seem to remember this from your quondam blog...

quondam et futurus

diamonds in the windows... they draw us in as the flame does moths...