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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Giving Up

It has finally come to this:  the various ploys and schemes employed by people to dissuade robots from posting comments to blogs have become so intricate that they are beginning to foil me completely... just as if they were a Turing Test in reverse: survival of the fittest robot, and all that, as we puny human fall by the wayside after trying to write in the test words for posting comments.

I came across one today that appeared for all my life to be (I kid you not!) a fingerprint, followed by a snakes nest of the letter "S" cuisinarted with a couple of spicy vowels.

I positively goggled at it.

Then I threw in the towel, because I really do not have anything all that interesting to say.


Brandon said...

They do seem to be getting worse. The other day one of the captcha words I got actually consisted of a string of Hebrew letters, and I increasingly have to reset it once or twice to get one in which all the letters are legible.

Montag said...

A string of Hebrew letters would give me pause...

I would begin thinking that if I were to fashion a Golem, and then place a strip of paper with the words written on them in its mouth...

O, Adonai!