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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Diff'rent Minds

The unconscious mind has discoveries and is creative,
The intuitive mind discovers things and is creative.
The conscious and rational mind has many discoveries, and using science incorporates experiment to validate such.

Only the institutionalized mind - such as exists in authoritarian regimes of human behavior - has no discoveries and finds nothing new.
There may be limited success using the old and time-tested methods, but they shun the new.

Religious minds filled with End-Of-Time beliefs are examples of authoritarian minds, and see the future as a dead end; they cannot see the Fulfillment of Time as ongoing and, hence, filled with the new things... and End-Of-Time minds fear the New precisely because the New is equivalent to a Bible verse they have not memorized, and cannot use for their own ends.

He who memorizes holy verses is only virtuous when he is silent; otherwise he is cunning.

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