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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Кавказ: Caucasia Flows To ISIS

Map of Caucasia, the Black Sea bottom left and the Azov above it

[Years and years ago - before the fall of the USSR, I read about the future problems the USSR would face with large Muslim populations growing restive.
I do not think the writers at the time had any idea things would get so far out of control and end up like it is today.]

The attraction of ISIS is growing, pulling adherents from other potential Islamic states.
Watching their magnetism while the USA, the EU, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and its stooges all dither about is fascinating in a ghastly way.

Here are stories on ISIS's attraction to militants:

Imarat Kavkaz = Caucasian Emirate

Caucasian Knot
Magomed Suleimanov appointed leader of "Imarat Kavkaz", his relative confirms
28 May 2015, 21:55


"At present, he  [ Magomed Suleimanov]  is the acting Amir of the 'Imarat Kavkaz', and in the coming days, his election will be formally announced," the "Caucasian Knot" was informed by a source, who preferred to remain anonymous and who had contacted a relative of Abu Usman of Gimry by phone.

According to the source, the difficulties with the appointment of Amir of the "Imarat Kavkaz" arise because of the fact that at present, the organization has got no shura, an advisory decision-making body.

"In fact, the 'Imarat Kavkaz' has no members empowered to make such decisions collectively. There are only individuals, including Magomed Suleimanov. And he is the only member, who got Sharia education. So, there was little choice. A lot of leaders joined the 'Islamic State'," the source has said...

"A lot of leaders joined the 'Islamic State'"; there you go.

Caucasian Knot
"Imarat Kavkaz" is rapidly losing its influence in Dagestan
29 May 2015, 22:55
The growth of the number of cases, when residents of Dagestan swear to the "Islamic State" (IS), suggests that the "Imarat Kavkaz" is losing its influence in the region and could eventually join the IS, said the experts, interviewed by the "Caucasian Knot".

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that Nadir Medetov (Nadir Abu Khalid), a well-known Salafi preacher from Dagestan, swore to the leader of the "Islamic state", which was recognized terrorist organization, and urged his supporters to follow his example. Video, showing how Nadir Abu Khalid met members of the IS and sworn to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the terrorist organization, was posted on YouTube on May 23.

Abdullah Rinat Mukhametov, a political analyst and an expert of the Council of Muftis of Russia, is confident that the IS is becoming more and more popular amidst the radical part of Caucasian youth.

Geidar Jemal, the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, is sure that the main factor of IS' popularity is in its successful actions.

So far, it is too early to discard the "Imarat Kavkaz", but one cannot but note a serious decline in its functioning...

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