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Friday, May 29, 2015

Films: A.I.

A.I. came out in 2001, and recently it was brought up during a discussion about Ex Machina (which film caused a brief problem for me when I bought the ticket, for I could not remember where the stress should be placed in a Latin phrase derived from a Greek expression; I remembered enough to pronounce it as "ex mah'keenah", and I hoped for the best.)

When A.I. was brought up, I had to wander back through the Haley Joel Osment halls, Jude Law-only-a-gigolo-robot memories, and came to rest with the kindly William Hurt character who built the child robot, whose name was either David or Awesomo (that may have been Cartmann, come to think of it).

I dismissed it as not being science fiction, because it was actually about motherly love.
Having said "motherly love", I began to hum Frank Zappa's Motherly Love, which no one had ever heard before..........
(obviously a glitch in the programming; I was talking to people my age, and there was no reason for such blatant Zappa deficiency.)

And it was not merely a paean to motherly love; it was a philosophical musing on the place of motherly love in the universe and a love that has the potential to transcend time.
I may be mistaken, but that seems to me to be a weighty theme.


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