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Friday, May 22, 2015

Der Schatten Des Vampirs

“…the inadequacy of our plans,our contingencies, every missed train, the failed picnics, every lie to a child.”
John Malkovich as F.W.Murnau in The Shadow of the Vampire.

On Mothers’ Day we couldn’t go to my parent's summer cottage, because they had two or three dogs,  and my daughter was allergic to animals. Ditto Fathers’ Day... July 4th... my birthday... and so on.

We used to have picnics with our friends on Fathers’ Day. The fathers would play tennis. The mothers minded the children and laid out a picnic.

We don’t do that anymore, and have not for a long time.The children have families of their own and we have all fallen away.

Die ausgefallenen Picknicks...
Die Zufälligkeiten...
Der Schatten des Vampirs...

The failed picnics… the contingencies...the shadows of the vampire.

 Walking through the forest at Babi Yar today...

 מיין אייגן פּריוואַט באַבי יאַר
 meine private Babi Jar, wo meine Freunde getötet wurden.


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