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Friday, May 29, 2015

Everyone Is Kevin Bacon's Second Cousin

Francesco Rosi's Le mani sulla città, 1963

Sorry about that title, but it is the only thing I could think of to express the threads of actors remembered and the films in which they starred.

I came across this picture today:

so I immediate thinks 8 1/2-like.... Fellini-mente.... Mastoianni-mente.... capisci?

But I am wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, even though there is a remembered scene in 8 1/2 in which this guy is a film producer speaking to Marcello Mastroianni's character descending a staircase  (fully-clothed, however),  asking for some guidance on which direction - if any! - the movie funded by his money was going.

The only thing I got to hang on him is the name of the film in French, Main Basse Sur La Ville.
So it is not 8 1/2 after all. But I swear it's the same guy, same type of shot... maybe.

So I go for a drive on Noon Street, looking to pickup some dirt on this type à deux mains... two-hand Joe who does the same shtick in every movie he's in?!  Right hand, left; droit, gauche.... ya see 'em in the still, right?

The film Main Basse Sur La Ville was Italian, Le Mani Sulla Città; Hands Over The City:

Rod Steiger was in it, so I used him as a terminus with which to establish the time of Hands Over The City.
Here is a still of Steiger from Hands:

Although blurry, it is clear Mr. Steiger is quite young, so I would put the time at 1960 +/- 5 years.
(I suppose I could have just looked it up in IMDb.)

That means that we are in the same time period as Fellini's 8 1/2.

So I finally gets to looking up the two flicks on IMDb  (  and compare the full cast lists.
Guido Alberti plays the producer in 8 1/2, and he is also in Le Mani Sulla Città:

And, in case you have already forgotten the topic of this here post:
Guido Alberti was born in Benevento, and was indeed the cousin of Leonora Pancetta
thus making him the second cousin of Kevin Bacon!
Ya unnerstand what Ah'm sayin' ?!


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