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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Of My Totem Films

8 1/2

People between the present and the past; both the burden of the traditions of society and the personal history of his own odyssey.
We attempt to make sense by stringing together words and images.
Fellini strings things together to present his life thus far.

Directed by
Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini
Ennio Flaian0

Marcello Mastroianni
Claudia Cardinale 
Anouk Aimee
Barbara Steele...

A full list of Cast and Crew is available at IMDb:

Asa... Nisi... Masa... ?

A+sa; ni+si; ma+sa which is a substitution cipher on the word "anima", meaning "soul" in Latin. (It goes "first syllable" plus "s" plus "vowel of syllable", then repeat for following syllables.)

The children used the chant "Asa nisi masa" three times (I think...) to make the pictures on the wall of their bedroom come to life, hence instilling the pictures with animae, or souls. This is a good bit for a film about a film director's life.


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