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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Starbuck's is reported to be moving its bottled water business out of California due to the drought.

I am not a wild-eyed radical, but I have never bought bottled water, except for my parents if they wanted me to get them some, and I have rarely drank bottled water.
Years ago, I took one look at bottled water - and here I mean the small and individual plastic bottles of 12 ounce or so capacity  -  and immediately thought it to be a bad idea.

All that plastic made from fossil fuels struck me as bizarre.

I also never use the Keurig-style coffee / tea makers; same reason; plus the fact that I do not like the taste.

I think of all of that and the effects of climate change... and the Sargasso Sea of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean... and this is why, dear reader, I started throwing popsicle sticks out of my automobile window. After all, they are wood. Why should I attempt to push garbage against the tide?


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