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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Websites I Like

Nicotinamide or Niacinamide


Alltop is a news accumulation site broken down into areas:

Work Health Culture Interests Tech People Good News Geos Sports

where "Geos" refers to "Individual Countries", and things can be broken further down alphabetically.

When you cursor over an entry, a box appears with a brief description of the article, usually enough to get a good idea of what the main thrust of the article is, saving the time of opening in another tab or window.

It manages to get one through a lot of possible areas of interest quickly... no Flash ads; in fact, very few ads at all.
I find it infinitely preferable to what the BBC and CNN have become.
It gives me news.


Due to a run-in with basal cell carcinoma, I have a renewed interest in my skin, the skin being the most extensive organ of the body.

This site is primarily focused on acne, but there is more. The forums are seemingly populated by intelligent folks, which is sort of new for me.
There are good articles with pointers to further medical research and papers.

This was an article I read this morning:

Licochalcone – the licorice root extract in Moisturizer and AHA+ (Glycolic Acid – 10%)

Check out this recent paper about Licochalcone. It shows that acts as an anti oxidant and reduces skin stress. This effect is probably very important in acne.
and you may copy and paste the paper's title into Google, find it on Wiley's, and read it.

It reminded me that among the anti-microbial effects mentioned for licorice root extract, I recently read a paper that stated it attacked the microbes that cause dental caries.

Even better was:

Evidence keeps mounting for the use of niacinamide in acne and general skin health
I have written about niacinamide (AKA nicotinamide), the active component in vitamin B3, for a couple of years now. Evidence shows it can help significantly reduce acne through its anti-inflammatory effects. However, the more I look into this ingredient, the cooler it becomes. The latest double-blind study I found in the journal Dermatology Research and Practice has researchers administering 4% niacinamide to patients with melasma or dark patches of skin from sun exposure...

And, if you recall, last week on the evening news (NBC, I think), there was a spot on Niacinamide or Nicotinamide and the fact that if people used a supplement, it led to a 23% reduction in recurrence of basal cell carcinomas.

Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America  is a top notch news site.
It takes on the stories the main stream does not, and it is a well designed site with enough pictures and enough printed words... (I cannot tell you how important "enough printed words" is; I mean, the BBC has begun to look like the Comix Newspaper in the film Fahrenheit 451 !)...

Today there were two interesting articles:

The Syrian comedy troupe that isn't afraid to poke fun at ISIL
Six young filmmakers use humor to counter ISIL propaganda — and win back friends who've joined the group


Indonesia’s transgender priests face uncertain future
An ancient tradition is slowly disappearing as many transgender youths choose to become beauticians instead of bissu

I thought the article about transgender priests interesting, because it is a very common phenomenon in many cultures, not just in Indonesia, and it is not a well-known phenomenon. However, one of my young relatives has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for a few years...
Quite young, in fact.
So far, I have nothing to say about it. My attention has been elsewhere.


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