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Monday, January 23, 2017


Kellyanne Conway's position on Alternative Facts may indicate she does not have the intellectual infrastructure sufficient to pour water out of a boot with instructions writ on the heel, but I may not either; I am sure I would ask, "Why?" and ponder the necessity of an empty, yet still thoroughly wet boot.

However, she has a heck of an idea for the Christmas season. Next year I am giving scads and scads of Alternative Gifts or Alt-gifts for those special people in my life.

I sort of picture it as sending along a description of a marvelous gift, costing a bundle, and possibly so grossly self-indulgent that even Kanye West would never have thought of buying it. Accompany it with a photo and the best of Season's Greetings and whatever, and there it is: alt-gift!

My first one:

Garmin Approach® G10

Handheld golf GPS — covers over 40,000 courses worldwide

1.3" monochrome display
digital scorecard and stat tracker
waterproof construction

I am sending out a bunch of belated Xmas presents. Merry Christmas, Mike!


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