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Sunday, January 01, 2017

La La Land

I saw the film La La Land yesterday and I loved it.

At the opening, I thought "Gak! A musical!"  However, I quickly sensed a hitherto unnoticed eroticism of the choreography that was well beyond the sheer athleticism of the dancers. It was exhilarating.
(I mean I always hate musicals that come to film from the stage; Cabaret comes to mind... The Sound Of Music... I can sit through a musical in the theater, but not a Broadway musical on the screen. How about the film version of Rent? Hair? Gak!
Now a musical like La La Land or Top Hat which are made for the screen are quite different and I have not seen enough of them on the big screen to properly experience them. I remember when two years ago some movie houses showed Rear Window. I never knew just how stunning Grace Kelly was until then!)

Go see it.

But... it is Tristan and Iseult of the modern world, where no one dies, but all are condemned to endless longing.


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