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Friday, January 27, 2017

Cinéma En Plein Air [01/27/2017-answer]

The clue was:

Seen in a bar on the old-timey TV in the corner by the front door.
Hint: It is in black-and-white, so it narrows the search somewhat.


The Spierig Brothers
Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook

Sci Fi
Time Travel
Previous Incarnations
La Jetée, The 12 Monkeys, etc.

I know, I know; it was just a brief scene; seconds, microseconds. But it stuck in my mind.
As to how I knew the location of the TV, go back and analyze the set-up for the first bar room scenes.

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Hil said...

I cry foul! "It is in black-and-white, so that narrows the search". Well, the photo is, but the film isn't. The answer is esoteric enough without a misleading clue. harumphhh...
That is Sugar Ray non? Might be Floyd Patterson

Montag said...

Let's leave it up to someone who has seen the film.
And that someone is yours truly.

I think Sugar Ray. Definitely not FP.