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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Problem With The ACA (Obama Care)

The Republicans think they can repeal the ACA and slip in a replacement that is even better (!?!?) without any problems. I do not have any idea how they can believe this, since they do not have the replacement for the ACA - or Obama Care - outlined yet, so they really are going totally on Political Faith.
A great example of religion and politics being pretty much the same type of behaviors, great emotions, intense desires, vast hopes, and all summed up in some sort of ideological dogmatic.

I think I'm going to enjoy it. Not because they are going to mess up the health care system. I don't think I'll enjoy that. But I will enjoy being right in on the beginning of the end.

Point 1

The ACA was based on a lot of work, much of it Mitt Romney's in Massachusetts. Basic changes such as not requiring everyone to have health care insurance will destroy the nation's Health Care Insurance system as surely as our continued benign neglect destroys the nation's infrastructure.

Any workable replacement that is not a bad joke will resemble Massachusetts health insurance system and the ACA.
Any workable replacement of Obama Care will be (in essence) Obama Care.
And everyone will know it.

Point 2

If there is a disaster in the nation's health care system, Mr. Trump will loudly and clearly blame the Republican party, a party which did not much want him in the first place.
This will turn the Republican party into a  minority party of the wealthy, while the rest of the people who voted for Mr. Trump will continue to do so.

Then he will attack the Democrats. However, I'm not so sure they will self-destruct like the Republicans are going to do.

This will be bigger than the Super Bowl.

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