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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The End Of Our Era: the Pornography of Life

Amid Controversy Caitlyn Jenner Gets a 24-Karat-Gold Facial Ahead of Inauguration
Jame Jackson
Yahoo BeautyJanuary 14, 2017
Caitlyn Jenner’s the newest celebrity confirmed on the roster to attend Trump’s inauguration events in Washington, D.C., next weekend. Over the weekend, Jenner uploaded a selfie of herself getting a luxurious 24-karat-gold facial mask in California, right in time for the upcoming gilded festivities to go down in the nation’s capital.

Jenner’s attendance to the inauguration has been a divisive discussion for many social and advocacy groups. Many cannot understand how Jenner can support President-elect Donald Trump and his policies while still advocating for transgender and women’s rights...

There is a good deal about LGBT politics and so on.

What if the headline had read:

 Amid Controversy Caitlyn Jenner Gets a 24-Karat- Golden  Facial


It gives a whole new meaning to the "P" in "POTUS", doesn't it?

The old ways of behaving are dead, and the baby has -alas! - been thrown out with the bath water, for what is good is gone with the bad. The Future belongs to the purveyors of Pornography :

Pornography of life
Pornography of politics
Pornography of religion

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