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Friday, January 20, 2017

Cinéma En Plein Air [01/20/2017-clue]

Cinéma en plein air means "movies in the wide open spaces" and I call my new game that because it is pretty much the exact opposite. It is covert - couvert - and not open at all - ouvert. I mean, what kind of game would it be if it was immediately obvious and open and you could guess the right answer right away?
Not much fun, I would think.
And I think about films in French, so there.
And there is a real film festival called  Cinéma en plein air  in La Villette, so the title is very much 24 frames a second, non?

 Film Festival  (estivale aussi !) in La Villette

[Last year it was partly behind closed doors (à huis clos) due to the prefecture of police figuring that such an assemblage of people in the open air would - in the case of terrorism - be too much like shooting fish in a barrel ( tirer des poissons dans un tonneau - or, as I say it, "teeray-d'poizon daz ut'tno".]

 Anyway, the game!

I show you a picture of something very much germane and involved in a movie and you guess the movie. Got it? 

For example:

and the answer is.... anyone? anyone?

Answer tomorrow.


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