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Monday, January 02, 2017

What Am I Thinking About Today?

You won't believe it.
I barely believe it myself.

So here's how the intelligible world works:   All the World's a Stage....
as well as a Great Chain of Being.

The Ghost of Hamlet's Father 

"Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight, 
Ears without hands or eyes, smelling sans all."
such is our perception of "fast" intellect unhampered by this mortal coil..........

Intelligent beings differ as to the speed at which they can comprehend and as to their ability to handle complexity.

Intelligences that are "faster" seem to us to be invisible or mute: if seen, they do not seem to say anything. At least, not anything that makes sense to us.

Human intelligence confronts the environment: the place in which it is.

Things present themselves to intelligence, and intelligence presents itself to those things. This creates a Worlding, or maybe a world-view.
The world-view usually is made up of things that are not too "fast" for us.

Those things in the environment that can outrun our comprehension are invisible to us, or we are blind to them. We may sense them in a way other than intelligent comprehension.
These beings are the Powers, or - as I have started to call them - the Tuatha (Tu-e'-he).
These are a world-view which has subsets of religious beliefs, superstitions, paranormalities, etc.

Our world-views themselves are Coherences, meaning they cannot be True nor False and cannot be understood as merely made of their various constituents. They are emergent things. We grasp onto them and hold them because they are Coherent, and they are coherent because we grasp onto them.

At this point, we are at the place where All the World's a Stage: maybe Hamlet...
Spirits, ghosts, religions, politics, love, despair, eros... it is all there.

Beyond this is God.
God is the Fastest.


this notion of "fast" and speed is mistaken. For example, I can talk about music for a long time, but if you wish to experience music, my chatter will be almost meaningless. I may as well be mute.
So it is not just speed, but also a matter of the manner of how information is exchanged: words versus musical tones.
More to be done

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