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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Blast it! I was just sitting and thinking about poetry and globalization, and I thought that globalization was a lot like promiscuity in that there are Socially Transmitted Diseases due to promiscuity and there are alien intrusion, such a Zebra Mussels, due to global economic activity.

So then I was thinking about the Global Financial Order and the Eurozone problems...

And it came to me that there is a parallel between a lot of our ecological and health problems and our economic and political problems...
In this case it is
(1) perils of promiscuity parallel perils of global economic intercourse ("intercourse" in the old sense), and
(2) the perils of the Lack of Diversity parallel the perils of a single currency, in that the individual states of Europe no longer have the fire wall of their own borders to prohibit the economic problems of their intimate members in the union being transmitted.

Of course, I have always thought all of our Intelligent experiences are very much interconnected and paralleled across their spectrum: we use the same language, logic, images and other codes to be intelligent. Just as "no man is an island", so also "no mental phenomenon is an island".

Diversity of life is the way life fire-walls against total destruction to the attacks of predators. So also Diversity of mind is how mind fire-walls against the destruction possible when everybody does the same thing....
Well, when does everybody actually do the same thing? Anyone? Anyone? (Where is Buehler?)
Everybody does the same thing in Bubbles.
Everybody does the same thing in Economic Bubbles and Behavioral Bubbles (fads) and Mental Bubbles (authoritarianism?)
Everybody did the exactly same thing in the lead up to the Iraq War. 

What does this all mean? It means that Climate Change is just another way of expressing the sickness which pervades our earth. I write this as I watch police pepper-spraying kneeling OWS protesters and I cannot believe that not only did we bail Wall Street out, we are pepper-spraying people who want meaningful change. I remember Gandhi and his followers being beaten by the Brits - who had an empire upon which the sun never set, by the way.


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