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Friday, November 25, 2011


Conspiracy theories, such as those about the assassination of JFK, are not necessarily based so much on factual data, as they are upon the intuition of the theorists about the living sea of hatred which is the locus of the conspirators.

I recall President Obama's Inauguration and I recall radio personalities calling for four years of do-nothing in order that Mr. Obama not be re-elected at the next election.

That is, indeed, a living sea of hate, and we are struggling in it.

Confronted by such tangible emotion, what theorists can resist being swept away by the rip tides of malevolence? Frantically they deal with the overwhelming and diseased ocean in which they find themselves. It is impossible to simply withdraw.
So they create their theories to deal with the Heart of Darkness they have stumbled upon, in the bright noon of the day, within their own nation and town, surprised by the vampires of unreason which have quickly surrounded their lives.

...But what also struck me in a rereading was Manchester’s stern rejection of one major Warren Commission finding. Though he was onboard for its conclusion that Oswald was the lone assassin, he did not buy its verdict that there was “no evidence” of any connection between Oswald’s crime and Dallas’s “general atmosphere of hate.”

The Committee, being a group mind, had insulated itself against intuitions. Even though the group may be swept by emotion, they did not give credence to anything so individual as an intuition. Yet William Manchester remained an alert and observant and self-aware individual and saw the sea of hate: the "general atmosphere of hate", and correctly identified it.

So must we all as individuals before we can come together to create a new and better future.


Unknown said...

A totally accurate depiction of our society and times. Powerful metaphor in the sea of hatred.

Montag said...

Thanks, Bay. I hope you had a good T-Day.

I'll email you a note.