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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Stress is not merely the inflammations and the highs of anger and worry; it is not hand wringing and pacing and obsession with what the future might hold. It is not merely sleepless nights.
Stress and pain is the day to day life when we all look quite normal. Stress is keeping on keeping on... but with a twist.
It is life with addictions and obsessions which may not be worthy of exploitation on cable tv, but they are real none the less. We can make a film with food and fats, booze and drugs, emotional highs and lows, and we can make ourselves look insane... or supremely sane: drinkers, but social drinkers; eaters, yet not bulemic nor anorectic.

We hide it from ourselves.
Stress is Life lived normally - so we think - day to day and on an even keel as we strive to hide from ourselves the black clouds on the horizon and even the black sails on our ship.

The more normal we obsess about being, the more finely strung out we are.

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