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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Radical Gobblers!

It is time to politicize the Thanksgiving turkey; that is, it is time to politicize the slaughter of the turkeys. Turkeys themselves, as living beings with lives, are not really worthy of our high-faluting political views; we reserve those for really important things like whether the government should default or not. Animal Rights and Turkey Huggers already politicize the lives of poultry, tediously recounting the facts of the case: they are jammed into poorly ventilated coops, forced to stand on wire perches, and poop on each other before being shipped to our homes.
The Animal Rights Wing of the Party have also tried to politicize the slaughter of animals, but they have done it in their namby-pamby way, invoking alien concepts like care, responsible husbandry, sympathy, and civilized and humane behavior. They get nowhere with that approach!

The bright lights of the country have politicized Gobblers in a truly meaningful discussion: a ground-breaking expose of the Halal method of slaughter. Turkey certified halal must have been slaughtered according to Islamic practice.
This amounts to cutting the throat, letting the blood flow out, and a prayer.
The entire hideous experience is described in gruesome detail in the blog Atlas Shrugs.
The writer seems unaware of kosher practice, but why should I pick out that one bright light of ignorance? When we put our minds to it, it is obvious that our home-grown non-halal and non-kosher method of slaughter is at a much higher level of civilized behavior. Our poultry and beef is treated in a very humane manner. (One of the links I supply will describe it as a bit of a "bonk" to the head!)

Certainly we are superior in that we allow our turkey, chickens, and cows to have a last meal, benefit of clergy, and give them time to utter timeless quotations, such as "It is a far, far better thing I do..." before shipping them off as McNuggets or Big Macs. (Of course, you must remember that Tom Turkey who who "gave his all" in the background of the famous Sarah Palin interview... I believe they gave him a cup of hemlock.)

This is all at   which is apparently Pamela Geller's site.

She calls herself "An American Thinker".  I tend to agree with her...

At   we may read a similar diatribe against Kosher preparations of foods. I believe this is where we read about the humane bonk to the noggin of cows, who then sort of swoon rather than fall down like a ton of bricks.
And as for prayer, the rabbi overseeing the slaughter, the shochet, must be a pious man and well-trained in the Law. That is just the type of suspicious johnny from whose lips a furtive prayer or two may escape.

Obviously, they both dislike the way the peoples of the Middle East who speak Semitic languages prepare their foods. They are Gastronomic Anti-Semites for starts. Read and find out what it is like to listen to howling in the mad night of unreason.

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