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Monday, November 14, 2011

Neo Awakes Within The Matrix

 Neo Awakes in a Matrix Pod

I predict that over the next four years, there will be an increase in drug events: usage, abuse, wars-against, interventions, busts, burnings, new designer drugs, etc.,etc., etc., as the governments of the world flounder about economically.

There will be those who turn to drugs to deal with their despair (but them we have always with us, do we not, O fellow Chosen Ones!), and more and more drug money will be "laundered" and injected into economies to stabilize banks and pay off sovereign debts.

The State will become Drug Lord... that is, if it already hasn't (and NATO in Afghanistan makes us wonder about this).
The Black Markets of Illegalities will remain illegal, but the nation state will "muscle in" on the old drug lords' territories. I suspect that plans are already in place. The integration of Crime with Politics will be complete and seamless, and that is the worst future imaginable: governments existing on the vicious cycles of abuse...
Just as the Prison Guard has a home and family with mouths to feed, and thus depends upon people breaking the law, in the future we shall depend on weakness and evil to render a good portion - not necessarily 99% - of the population into marginalized positions where they will in effect act like those embryonic-pod human entities in The Matrix: alive and nourishing "the machine", but not capable of independent life, and the huge Matrix network will be the foundation of the simulated dreams of our reality.

Our Images have always foreseen our futures. We are just not agile enough to see the entire hologram; we always believe what we see is "true" and become mesmerized by the first facet to enslave our attention.

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