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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pepper Spray and Mary

The Canticle of the Virgin:  "He casts the mighty from their thrones and raises the lowly."
Mary, or Miriam, the Mother of Jesus, is someone who has your back and goes to the wall for you. The usual representation of her ignore her Canticle from the Gospels, or gloss over the meaning of the words.

After hearing from people who support the forces of repression, I reprint a poem from my Poetry blog:

Kick-Ass Mary

How great the pain that pierced your heart,
Mother, when they raised Him on the cross;
ceaseless furrows of your tears record the
tsunami of your loss!
Hammer and spear, thorns and scourge,
all life from your soul did purge?

"My pain blinded everything else, I could not stand;
I admit that in my pain I cried a few
tears and screamed in my deep despair... softened
by the mound of stones I threw!
from Roman heads came blood, their cries attest:
'Get that Jew bitch! That Jewish terrorist!' "

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