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Monday, November 21, 2011

Riding to Class Warfare

Actually, I prefer to think of class warfare in terms of a fox hunt, horses, hounds, bright jackets, and brushy tails. I mean, if one must look upon such things, why not spruce it up a bit? Instead of riding to hounds think of pepper to protestors, or P to P. It has a joyful cadence. Chivvy them from their docile and subservient burrows with a jolly blast of the old pepper spray to the eye goblets! Just the ticket!

There are many incongruities about class warfare,  like Newt Gingrich saying things like protestors should get a job... after they get a bath first. Somehow the joke is unbalanced and does not have a joyous sprightliness to it; the latter part is ancient anti-hippy-agit-prop from 1968 and the first part - about jobs - is what the entire election in 2012 is supposed to be about... isn't it?
If jobs were so plentiful and easy to get, then "get a job!" would make more sense. He says "get a job" with a lot more chubby cheshire-cat grins than he has when he tries to say how he will create them!

Ware the Jest of Gingrich, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch...


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