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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take Shelter

Grizzly Man

If you are going to see the film Take Shelter, it would not hurt to review Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man about Timothy Treadwell and and Sean Penn's Into The Wild about Christopher McCandless. In my mind, they are similar stories about visions and things seen which tend to go wrong. It is not clear how things come out in Take Shelter, but the outlook is grim.
It is the reasons that are the motivations for the individual's actions that are of interest: are they intended to avert catastrophe, or are they something else, and catastrophe merely a possible accidental outcome.

To my mind, it is possible that they deal with the same thing.

 Into The Wild



Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I didn't see the movie into the wild, but I did read the book and it seemed pretty weird to me. I've walked the Northville Placid trail a nd parts of the Colorado trail done some serious wilderness camping and I just have a hard time understanding his chocies.

Montag said...

The choices are hard to understand.
That's why I compare "Take Shelter" to the story of Noah; his story is hard to understand if we were his neighbors, or his family, as he took years to build an ark miles from the water.