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Friday, November 04, 2011

The Event Horizon of a Bottomless Pit

I went to see Moneyball with Mike. The film was so good for the first 45 minutes; then it began to flag and fail. I spent most of my time trying to think of ways that I could have improved the story. Mike said he had read the book, and it was quite a good book: a sports book about baseball. Some of the greatest reading of my life have been baseball books. Something from the long ago known as You Know Me, Al is in memory, and that was a long time ago, indeed: more than 50 years.

Afterwards we pizzaed down and discussed the Republican Party and how gosh awful their situation was: a bunch of candidates who do not cotton to Science much and who most recently have unanimously condemned President Obama's decision to abide by the timetable for troop withdrawal negotiated by President Bush and Iraq.
The PM of Iraq let it be known that the deadline was set in stone, as it were, so the US is out.
The Republican candidates all disapproved.
Problem is, the overwhelming majority of the American people want out, too. The American people know a "Bottomless Pit" when they see one. It resembles one of those endless tubular things at the end of which there is a light... sort of a will-o-the-wisp light and not all that bright, but the best and brightest tell us that there is indeed a light yonder. (The concept of a Bottomless Pit was in the mathematics of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.)

Some guys and gals never learn. The Bail-Out was a bottomless pit, also, only the entire process was shrunk into a few months instead of being dragged out over years and years: the transfer of trillions of dollars should take some time, thereby creating a classical Bottomless Pit. When you are able to transfer all that wealth in an afternoon, it is still a bottomless pit, but done via Relativity... at the speed of light, so to speak.
What is the Event Horizon of a Bottomless Pit like? All the matter in the neighborhood - usually $ - are swept into the mindless maelstrom... like an MRI machine would pull iron coins from our pockets...
Now that we are talking about it, I realize how much Mitt Romney resembles Maximiliam Schell (sans beard) in the film The Black Hole.


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