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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Asagai Film Festival

 Claudia McNeil and Sidney Poitier

Turner Classics is having a Asagai Film Festival (pronounced "ah-sah'-gee" with hard "g"). I bet you do not remember any of this, but here goes:
in A Raisin in the Sun, the young woman told her mother that a young man was coming over to visit, a Joseph Asagai from Nigeria. Mama said that she had never "seen her" an African before.
(An interesting and widespread use of an English "Middle" voice, which most people think is just the way people with little education speak. Ancient Greek had a similar Middle Voice.)

Later in the day, The Bank Dick with W.C. Fields was on. In his character as Egbert Sousé, accent grave on the final "e" he says, his pratfalls obstructed two bank robbers, resulting in their apprehension. When describing the heroic deed, Mr. Sousé says that the robbers had very large, two-edged knives, that were as big as Asagai knives.

How many more films have Asagai in them?

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