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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A New Insight Into The Mind

I am instituting two new ways to investigate personalities - sort of psychotherapy in which we seek insight into our own selves by our identification with symbolic characters of our culture.

Thus far, I have worked on the following:

1) which House character are you?

2) which John Hughes character are you?

3) which Coen Brothers character are you?

4) which of the 2011-2012 Republican presidential candidates are you?

and am setting up discussion groups - modeled after Fight Club - which will meet once a week.
Each participant will state his own answers, and then the group will state their opinions. Hopefully, a heated argument will ensue...

Be not afraid !



Baysage said...

Oh, but I =am= afraid. I am.

Montag said...

Great Herman Cain imitation!
Isn't that what he said when someone asked him about Gloria?