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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keep Fit With Mitt !

Talking about Mitt Romney, I finally said that I liked his father, George Romney, a whole lot better than Mitt. (Mitt has a son named Tag... it gives one the impression that the naming of newborns is done in retail clothing or sporting goods stores...)
I had an American Motors automobile that I liked very much; that was George Romney's company. George Romney was the governor of Michigan back in the days when Republican politicians were substantial people, not merely shadows of ideologies or once successful businessmen whose idea of governance was to take from the poor and aged, give to the rich, and at each depredation pray "Give us jobs, O trickle-down gods!".

George Romney was a leader, not merely a politician... and certainly not merely a businessman whose success in business inflates his ego to the size of running the entire country. Physically, he was impressive. Mitt is not so much. Mitt sort of reminds me of Calvin Coolidge, only smiling... smiling as if he just walked into a friendly board room filled with cronies.

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By the way, Mitt's campaign runs more on falsehoods than money: post-truth politics.



Baysage said...

I cannot believe that anyone, ANYONE, could think Romney is fit to be president. But I think that's true of all the GOP candidates, so I guess I'm not a good gauge.

Montag said...

I think Obama makes a good center-of-the-road Democrat and Republican, and see no reason why any moderates would want to vote for anyone else.