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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Need For New Words

Rick Perry Propaganda Pix

Politicians are now increasing the demand for new words and concepts to use to deal with their actions, actions which are incomprehensible under the old words, logic, and ways of thinking.

For example, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has famously called Social Security "... a Ponzi Scheme..." and advocated abolishing it.

When it comes to his own pension, it is a different matter:,0,4293479.story
Perry is paid $132,995 to run the state of Texas, but he also collects a monthly annuity of $7,698.96 – more than $92,000 per year – in early retirement, according to disclosure forms filed with the Federal Election Commission.
Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan said the arrangement is “part of [Perry’s] standard financial planning” and “is consistent with Texas state law and Employee Retirement System rules,” citing what’s known as the “rule of 80,” which allows state employees to start drawing on their retirement if their age plus years of service credit totals at least 80.
Such actions go far  beyond the old labels of "hypocrisy"; they outreach "mendacity"... but they are symptomatic of our new era in propaganda and the Big Lie.


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