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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Mark of Cain

Mr. Cain has "suspended" his run for the presidency.

I read that he said God told him to run, but he did not say the God told him to stop running. More nonsense from the mouths of politicians: when they find themselves in a Family Values or Christian Values group, they spout the first nonsense about "God" they can lay their hands on. I wonder if those groups resent the fact that each and every Republican candidate has said or will say that God told them to run.

Coulter and Limbaugh said that the mention of Mr. Cain's peccadilloes were a "high tech lynching".
How is that working for you now, C and L?
I guessed we learned that (1) a businessman might lie, and (2) a businessman might cheat, and (3) an American Black Conservative of the 21st Century is just like the rest of us field hands.
(In fact, The Root mentions his website has him standing in a field of grain wearing baggy pants and watching storm clouds.)


Baysage said...

Isn't it amazing how God always seems to favor the Republicans? I guess we can assume he's against gay marriage and health care for all those people he created who don't meet certain financial thresholds.

Montag said...

Sometimes it almost exceeds my ability not to start cursing at those idiots, for I am truly appalled when some yahoo pops up and sez God tol' him to run fer prezident!

I mean, I cannot quite grasp the depth of the blasphemy of it all.

And it is mentioned in the news like an everyday occurrence.
If God actually said something to someone, it might be a bit more important, but we use God like we use everything else....

... we use and abuse the Holy, and we shall regret it.