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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

The Sunday past we had brunch in Royal Oak, went to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see the Rembrandt exhibit of The Faces of Christ, then caught a lecture on the symbology of Haitian Vodou, and ended up at Historic Trinity Lutheran with pastor David Eberhard for the annual German Christmas season service.

I noticed that one of the paintings on display at the DIA Rembrandt show was Christ With The Woman Taken In Sin. The sin was adultery and, if memory serves, the accusers were ready to stone her according to the Law.

It reminded me how very Taliban-like things can be in other religions... how much religious laws in the Middle East resemble each other in their histories... how very little we are aware of - other than our own prejudices..
how very interesting how Jesus was able to transcend that and we cannot.

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