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Thursday, December 15, 2011

(End) Tank of Times

End of Times (EOT) is not as descriptive as End Tank of Times (ETOT), which brilliantly makes plain how all the best laid plans of mice and men went kaput!   ("to tank" meaning to come to a sorry end, to poop out, to live on queer street, to hold the short end of the stick, to have had air and exercise, to eat medlar fruits, etc.)

End of Times is just that: an end; it is the Titanic as it sinks, period.

End Tank of Times - or even just Tank of Times - is more like letting the world of mankind exhaust itself in exploitation and financial plots and complots and treasons... then slipping over the brink. It is more like a long voyage of a large Titanic of Fools looking for just the right size iceberg.... 


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