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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buenas Dias in Japan

If you read about Japan, you know the problems they have faced, and you know part of the problem is a very large population of elderly with a comparatively small younger workforce to keep things going.

One way to fix this is immigration of people into the country; immigration makes up for the slow birth-rate.

If you recall, last week I had a posting from an Up-North newspaper that Michigan was going to have agricultural problems harvesting fruits, due to immigration uncertainty. This is what already happened in other states, such as Georgia, which patted themselves on the back for being tough, only to find their fruits and vegetable rotting on the vines and falling unharvested from the trees.

Labor and a good work-force is like air: it's no big deal... unless you aren't getting any.
A fair and just policy on immigration is needed now. Otherwise, those fine workers might go somewhere else.

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