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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Thicket of Canes

Canes are everywhere, and in those places where there are no canes, there are wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and Rascals.

I can turn on the TV and see not only Dr. House (cane), but I can also view Downton Abbey - Dowager Countess has cane, Mr. Bates has a cane, Matthew Crawly has wheelchair for the time being, and will probably have a spot with a cane as he transitions to unassisted walking.
When one takes into account Grey's Anatomy, General Hospital, Private Practice, and reruns of Marcus Welby, M.D. and scads of others, there are more canes and devices for assisting mobility on TV than at a Wright & Phillipis store.

a thicket of canes is a "venery" term for a group of the wooden things; possibly a "hedge" or "forest" of canes would work, or even an "elephant's foot", but that also indicates bumbershoots, and would draw PETA ire...
I think that "a stand of canes" would be best!

watching the second hour of last night's Downton, and Matthew has his cane!


Ruth said...

Fewer surgeries back in these period pieces, I think. And now there are walkers. I'd rather use a cane. I think they're classy.

Maybe until I have to use one, huh?

Montag said...

Yes, they would be infinitely classy, until you could not get anywhere without it.

I feel the same way about knee braces: every now and then I put one back on a knee when running, and I dislike the necessity of it all. Of course, no one wears knee braces to look cool... yet.

Ruth said...

Strange, after visiting you here yesterday, my 70-year-old brother called me from the Holland hospital to say that he had fallen and broken his hip. Thankfully, he has the body of a 58-year-old, and he proved to me on a recent bike ride from Holland to Pullman that he is in better shape than I. It's good, but what a shame. I already thought he was a pretty classy guy, and now he can really look the part, with a cane, later in recovery from hip replacement surgery.

Montag said...

You are too enamored of canes and their uses! God forbid that you travel to Singapore and procure a job as their Director of Caning for Minor Offenses.