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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Grey and Teleology 2

I struck me this morning that the goal or teleos of language, image-making, arts, etc. are symbols of greater complexity and refinement.
So the statement that language has a teleos, and this goal is "writing", for example, is saying that the symbol-making process of language and speaking is inherently linked to the greater complexity of writing and reading.

Furthermore, Writing is not merely copying down the utterances of language using clever signs. This I know. Some of you also know. We know that Writing is the Unwrapping of the Gifts of Perception, it is the making clear of what was implicit and covert.
The creation of Language is a baby carried to full term, and the Higher Symbolic Processing - which we are presently calling Writing and Reading, but there are others - is the birth and first stages of growth of that precious child.

And my post is an example of the process, for I only saw this as within a darkling glass when I originally wrote the post about the film The Grey and teleology:

and when I went back to read it, this understanding "swarmed" out at me like bees from the hive of mind.

Teleology exists in the realm of Symbols (at least). If we hold that we symbolically create our own universes of meaning, then teleology also holds sway within the Universe as a whole.


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