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Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey III Or Something III-ish

I just finished watching Downton this morning. It's on too late for me. I've been asleep for a while by 9:00 PM. Of course, I awoke much earlier than anticipated this morning, decided to go running, then go back to sleep around 7:00 AM.
Of course, it did not turn out that way. I did go running, but no return to Morpheus.

I'm beginning to like Downton. There is still what seems to me a lot of sticking odd people in, then out. I think I liked this episode better, since Sibyl is off in Ireland, and I did not have to watch her chat up the chauffeur four or five times.
O'Brien seemed to be being weaned from the teat of Mephistopheles, and Thomas actually did something to earn his reputation of villainy: he not only smoked a lot of fags in a dreamy lassitude, but he kidnapped the dog, Isis, and ran about quite a bit in the perpetration and the come-uppance of his crime.

Matthew and Mary will be married next season, and that means "Burns" Gordon will be back from Canada to claim the earldom. Of course, he has gone quite mad in the meantime, living beneath the Salle des Capucines (or Paris Opera) and wearing a mask to hide his disfigurement.  This plagiarism will be no worse than the "Flower Show" episode that came from Mrs. Miniver, so cheers!



Baysage said...

Glad to seemyou're getting on board. Apparently, like Upstairs-downstairs, this show hasncaptured millions. I'm heartily in favor of that for anything on PBS.

Barbara Bell said...

I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one to recognize the flower show scene from Mrs. Miniver! I hope you have a lovely vacation.

Montag said...

Thank you, Barbara. I had a very good vacation.
Downton is an odd phenom: it had just enough good things to enchant us, and I think since the audience has responded well, it will get even better.

Julian Fellowes must have had a case of writers' block or had little time to devote to the early scripts; such things happen, and it will amend itself.

Montag said...

Hoorah for PBS!

O, bulwark against the tides of flotsam and jetsam of the present age!