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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Republicans Makin' Whopee

The title is the title of an Eddie Cantor song. The Republican campaign for the presidential nomination reminds me of Eddie Cantor. When I was young, I used to listen to Eddie Cantor's old RCA 78 records on a large Victrola which was as tall as I.

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum now reminds me of a song which I think was called "The Old Sultan's Harem" (you remember... "I had a dream last night that was immense, I dreamed that I was at the Peace Conference... Give me that harem, that old sultan's harem, that's the only thing I crave!...)
The Sultan, of course, was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and the victors were divvying up the spoils after World War I, so Eddie Cantor put in a bid for the Sultan's harem. Mr. Santorum reminds me of it, because the Sultan was, indeed, a Muslim (actually he was also considered Caliph by many until Kemal Ataturk abolished the caliphate in Turkey in 1924).

Rick Santorum is suddenly obsessed by Islam, in the sense that he is intimating that President Obama is not Christian, or does not follow the Christian religion, but some other form of religion "not based on the Bible". You can read about it everywhere, so I provide no links.
Although not yet a outright "birther", Santorum seems to be trying to get the "The President is a Muslim!" vote.

This is Mr. Santorum's Eddie Cantor surrogate:

Rick Santorum

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