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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am reading Huysman's  À Rebours once more.
The title translates as Against the Grain, although it has been published as Against Nature, which is quite a bit over the top as far as translation goes.

To be quite truthful, it reminds me of our culture of celebrity and entertainment... I am sitting in front of a TV which has people eating fried foods at 1:00 PM and smiling and smacking lips. I think this is the program that replaced All My Children.  As little as I like soap operas, it was definitely superior to this twaddle. How much food does an obese country need to stare at?

I feel the need to disengage from the World created by our media. That's why I record House and watch it in random order: I refuse to accept the plot logic, even though I love a lot of the individual stories.
I feel I must resist the facile acceptance of anything on TV, because it starts with trying fried foods, and then ends up believing that we are winning in Afghanistan.
The World on the cable and the news and every electronic device is what "they" want you to be, not what you want to be. The more we feed on this cultural pottage, the more we sell our birthrights.

I intend to disengage from the Iran War thing, too....

for, indeed, "I come from no small-time city."

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