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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steve Jobs

A great man has passed.
I am, however, glad that I waited a bit before writing about it; I am glad I did not jump in right away with some outlandish, sycophantic laudatory posting. I am glad I waited for a bit more information on how workers in factories that supply Apple are treated; I am glad to have waited for pieces on "ethical" iPhones and "blood" iPads.

I my mind, an important measure of greatness is how a person treats other people whose welfare is directly affected by them.
This includes people for whom I voted in the past, Apple Director Al Gore.

Steve Jobs was, by all accounts, a great innovator and hustler. He did not, however, directly change my life for the better... nor for the worse. His effect on thousands of workers is a moral quagmire. Deal with it.

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