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Thursday, February 09, 2012

J.G. Ballard

J.G. Ballard's house in Shepperton. It was for sale last year. Do not know if it was sold. I enjoy reading J.G. Ballard; Empire of the Sun Ballard:

During the 1960s, the Shanghai of my childhood seemed a portent of the media cities of the future, dominated by advertising and mass circulation newspapers and swept by unpredictable violence. But how could I raise this Titanic of memories? Brought up from the sea bed, the golden memory hoard could turn out to be dross. Besides, there are things that the novel can't easily handle. I could manage my changing relations with my parents, my 13-year-old's infatuation with the war, and the sudden irruption into our lives of American air power. But how do you convey the casual surrealism of war, the deep silence of abandoned villages and paddy fields, the strange normality of a dead Japanese soldier lying by the road like an unwanted piece of luggage?


Baysage said...

Awfully good writing.

Montag said...

Thanks..... Oh, you mean Ballard's.